If you could KIND OF predict turning points, could the remainder be done with money management?

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  1. Close to Bollinger Bands, not really realiable.

    Is this meant to imply that if price gets away from VWAP it's supposed to go back?

    No predictive value.



    Is this the one with the letters?

    Assuming you can pick the EMA duration correctly beforehand, yes.

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  2. Only turns and price where they occur are statistically relevant for the prudent trader. How price behaves in proximity to previous turns is what signifies current dominant theme or bias.
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    I look at short options as being conservative as they are a wasting asset. Long/short is aggressive and buying options as very aggressive.
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    one either knows how to trade... or not

    if one does - he needs no money management, if he does not - no MM will save him (just prolong the inevitable demise)
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  6. Is it possible to be any more cryptic? I envision a location in which money management saves bad entries SINCE EVERY BIG FUND SEEMS TO DO THIS ANYWAY. If you could pinpoint a turn to 3 points or so why not just but at level, level - 1 and level - 2?
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    every big fund is based on good supply of OPM, that is the secret of theirs MM,

    and while awaiting the new money from new idiots they spread their investments trying to stay afloat

    as an individual traders (as i assume you are) you do not have that luxury, you must be concentrated in your efforts and know what to do and when and where to turn... step after step, after step

    its all generalization

    if one caught oneself not knowing what to do its time to exit instead of start playing games and calling them money management
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  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I could tell you with at least 65% certainty that if the SP500 has a monthly close below
    its 40 Month Moving Average, a bear market will follow everytime.
    (see 25 yr chart SP500 & 40 Month Moving Average below)
    I have known this for decades and move my 401k's accordingly, but for some reason
    "I Do Not Rule the World?" [​IMG]
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    How do I become one?

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    Why not, may I ask?
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