If you could KIND OF predict turning points, could the remainder be done with money management?

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    Depends on what you mean by "turning point". If you are referring to picking tops and bottoms of significant runs, that's a tough game but there are some who do it well. Most of my trades are trend pullback entries and as such, I am anticipating price to turn back in the direction of the trend as defined by my time frames. For this or ANY methodology, position (money) management is critical.
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  2. If you could predict direction correctly, even something like 65% of the time, you could rule the world eventually because of all the money you would make.
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    This is something which also requires a definitive context. The great majority of my entries go in my desired direction after entry, however of these trades, some will result in a gain, some will come back and scratch me out and some will come back and result in a loss. Trade management is key.
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    I can, that's a trend, and I will........
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    Use short options if you are imprecise.
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  6. Of course that wouldn't be possible.

    What you describe is exactly what I am talking about.

    Creating the position on the turn.
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  7. I think selecting turning points is probably possible on short term and long term for different reasons.
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  8. donchian channels
    S/R levels
    volume/market profile
    EMA crossovers at the above levels

    All help for picking turning points (statistical outliers). A pure efficient trader will will end up selling peaks and buying valleys..everyone else who trades in the middle is fighting with each other.. (consolidations)
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  9. outliers
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  10. How does this differ from scaling into a position? I am seriously asking, I don't know much about options.
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