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    What would you want to talk about? I lifted this from a Fox online poll and voted for Jobs & Economy, Working with Republicans, Obamacare, China, Iran and N. Korea.

    However, I think if I had his ear, I would read him the riot act over what he has done and is trying to do to this country and my adamant disagreement. How about you?

    Jobs and the economy 58.26% (4,977 votes)

    Working with Republicans 6.53% (558 votes)

    2012 presidential campaign 0.47% (40 votes)

    Sports 0.9% (77 votes)

    China 0.98% (84 votes)

    ObamaCare 18.38% (1,570 votes)

    Supreme Court 0.46% (39 votes)

    Iran 0.92% (79 votes)

    Hunt for Bin Laden 0.52% (44 votes)

    North Korea 0.25% (21 votes)

    Religion 1.64% (140 votes)

    Global warming 0.47% (40 votes)

    Michelle and the kids 1.05% (90 votes)

    How to stop smoking 1.36% (116 votes)

    Other 7.82% (668 votes)

    Total Votes: 8,543

  2. Personally, I can't relate to the guy.

    Looking over the list of topics I doubt he would offer any great insight into any of them.

    I would ask him to tell me what he really knows "for sure" "without a doubt".

    I might ask him "what he would risk his life for"? But his answer I would take with a grain of salt
  3. I would ask him why the fu## he thinks that republicans who are willing to put this country in the tank just to create the conditions that ensure he is defeated and whos stated goal is to stop any legislation he proposes even if they proposed it first will work with him just because he tries to be a nice guy.
  4. I would ask him if he plans to release truth about 9/11 being CIA/Mossad job. The whole world knows it.

    I would ask him why is he an evil scum like all those before him.
  5. You might ask him that over a glass of kool-aid rather than lunch.:cool:
  6. I'd ask him what's really going on at Area 51? Since he'd be lying about everything else, I'd like to be entertained while having lunch.
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    I guess I'm just not as impressed with celebrity as most, cause to be honest I think I'd decline the opportunity. I mean I don't particularly enjoy being lied to, the lies being said face to face isn't somehow going to make it more palatable than watching those same lies on TV. And it's not as if he's going to take any advice I give him, so in that regard it'd be a complete waste of time.

    Seems to me having lunch with Obama would be more for those types who seek out autographs and live vicariously through their favorite sports stars and entertainers - because they have no life of their own.
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    My last post on ET so I might as well make it a GRAND ONE, a Stellar One.

    Country can only prosper with capitalism and ownership of one's currency. China and Russia own their own currency and with capitalism they will only have upside from here

    Countries like USA, England have capitalism But do not own their own currency and so they will fall.

    JFK wanted to END the FED with brand new dollar owned by US government. He paid with his life.

    Adios Muchachos


    Whazzup bud?
  9. Why aren't you stooping to more of corporate lobbyists extortions and the promises of creating jobs? All you have to
    do is eliminate corporate taxes for them and there would be
    jobs out the ying yang ...honest, we won't send them overseas and keep the diff. in bonuses, Glenn Beck told us not to.
  10. Bravo. I think I would rather have lunch with you than Obama.
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