If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler's mother?

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  1. A classic filosofical question I thought would be interesting to discuss here as there are some smart men who visit ET still.

    Hopefully it is clear to everyone the question is not whether the Jews deserved what happened to them or not obviously.

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    Wasn't Hitler's mother a Jew? Are you trying to say that Jews should be exterminated? :confused:


    Without Hitler, or his mother, WWII may not have started. What would have brought the US out of The Depression?
  3. This philosophical question can be viewed differently than what I think you are implying.

    What if you killed Hitler's mother, and in effect, changed world history so you wouldn't be born - your parents would never fall in love with eachother, and as such, you immediately ceased to exist.

    Would you still kill Hitler's mother?
  4. I was just watching the terminator last week :D
  5. the question depends on whether or not you had complete information ahead of time about what her son would do.
    the only possible person who could have known ahead of time is the christian god who is described as being all knowing and all powerful. since he knew what hitler would do and still allowed him to be born we must assume that god wanted hitler to do his evil deeds. that being the case if you killed hitlers mother you would be going against gods will risking eternal damnation.
  6. Hell yeah his mother and Stalin's too. If I had to choose I rather kill Stalin's mother. He made Hitler look like a boy scout.

    Actually lets do in Lenin' mother while we are at it.

  7. I believe the seeds of WWII were sown not long after WWI. If Hitler is erased from existence, a more competent (less insane) leader takes his place, and half of Europe ends up speaking German (and half of Asia speaks Japanese). Not to mention Germany would have built the first atomic bomb without Hitler scaring off or killing so many talented scientists and probably used it on the US and definitely would have bombed Russia straight to hell. Damn, what would the world look like today without the rise of Hitler and the Nazis? Maybe killing the idiot is a bad idea. Since time travel is possible in this hypothetical, maybe there's a better solution.
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    No, although killing Hitler himself would certainly be tempting. His death would possibly have saved the Jews, but not necessarily prevented WWII in Europe.
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    I would go back and make sure that Hitler got all the love and the best toys so that when he grew up to become Dictator he would be a good one... or I might help him to defeat Russia and have them speaking German, not sure which scenario I like...
  10. :D Now you're thinking. Plenty of hugs and kisses and tucking him in at night would have surely made him a less angry tyrant. Maybe he could have sparked the U.S. of E. and avoided the whole conflict, including the mess in the Middle East.
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