If you can’t beat ’em: Greenspan joins hedge fund Paulson & Co.

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  1. Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, whom some blame for fueling a US housing bubble, is signing on as an adviser to hedge-fund firm Paulson & Co, which has profited handsomely from the collapse of that bubble, reports the Wall Street Journal. Greenspan will join the New York-based fund manager’s advisory board, the firm is to announce Tuesday. It is the third consulting contract for Greenspan, 81, since he left the Fed after 18 years as chairman in January 2006 and established his own company, Greenspan Associates. He reached similar agreements with Pacific Investment Management, which manages more than $700bn, and Deutsche Bank last year. His memoir, “The Age of Turbulence,” released in September, remains on the New York Times best-seller list.


    Irony of history : Paulson, who made over 1000 % on subprime crisis bets is now employer of former FED chief...
  2. You gotta be kidding me. The guy who 'created' subprime bonds is now at the firm shorting them? :p
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    Bearing in mind his attention getting ability comes from his 18 years at the head of a "Federal" institution, I think Greensenile should be made to clearly disclose whose book he is talking when he makes one of his statements.
  4. Yeah it's a bunch of BS isn't it? Jeez and no one seems to see anything wrong with it. lol
  5. I wholeheartedly agree! Didn't he also advise PIMCO? They've been preaching doom and gloom too, haven't they?

    I'm reading this overated shmuck's book at the moment.
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    his book is very good