If you bought FB and have held all the way down, lets hear your logic

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  1. confession is good for the soul. wont help your p&l though. only reading my posts will do that.

    they ought to be paying me for this shit
  2. this is the only social media i partake in. cant wait for the ipo.

  3. ocean5


    how many friends you`ve got?
  4. here's another one just came to me, based on that post.

  5. I did buy 10,000 shares of FB at 45

    But sold 10,000 NQ futures at the same time.

    Forgot it wasn't 1:1 relationship, ended up making bank
  6. Surdo


    I somehow doubt this, but then again, nobody posts real trades on Elite Turd!
  7. I believe the poster. I did the same thing.
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  9. What's facebook?
  10. Q.

    What is the difference between Bernie Madoff and Mark Zuckerberg.....?


    30 years.......:D

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