If you are using Strategy runner, what are you

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  1. paying per rt and who is the broker? Also what is your rough monthly volume? Trying to negotiate a better commission and see what is out there. Thanks
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    Ive just started up with Global futures running on Strategy Runner. Fairly impressed so far with the software and the broker. Im paying $4.50rt for ES, YM, NQ and TF. Im only trading low voulme but im under the impression i could probably negotiate a better rate if/when i get up to high volume
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    Our SR commissions start at $4.10 per RT (all in).
  4. with TT feed?
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    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    correct sir.
  6. futuresbroker.com (conjoined twin to Velocity) has SR starting at $3.80 RT (All-In).

  7. I assume ,no monthly fee ..?

    What rates for Crude Oil,EuroFX and other currencies ?

    What rates for Eurex products: Dax and Eurostoxx,Bund ?
  8. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    Correct sir...no monthly fee.

    6E etc - $5.02
    CL etc - $4.72

    DAX, FESX - 2.80 EC
    BUND - 2.20 EC

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  9. And what are the fees for the pro version ?
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    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    That is handled by SR, we do not charge. You'd need to contact them in regards to the Pro features and strategies.
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