If you are using Linux/Unix, who is your stock data vendor?

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  1. I use TC2000 as my stock data vendor when I use Microsoft Window (XP).
    I am switching to Linux (Ubuntu). I can not run TC2000 in Ubuntu/Linux.

    If you are using Linux/Unix, who is your stock data vendor?
    Which stock data vendor supports Linux/Unix.

    I only need EOD stock data only.

    Thanks for advise.
  2. jmmcox


    Have you tried running TC2000 under Wine?
  3. Why are you set on switching to Linux if your software doesn't work on it?

    Try to find a broker/dataprovider with a FIX connection and just code up what you need on linux
  4. aqtrader


    Yahoo! Financial. I am using Linux and automatically download from my yahoo financial account for about 2000 symbols every 2 minutes. And run my stock TA software under Linux. Fast and virus-free.
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  6. I was using Yahoo data 2 years ago in a profitable system and I can testify the data quality (although not perfect) was as good as or better than the data I was getting from another for-pay provider I was using. I don't really know how Yahoo can justify providing this free service year after year when there is nothing in it for them - no advertising, nada! Just hope their new management doesn't look too close looking for where to make cuts.
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    If you didn't already, you might post the error message you get on some forum.

    It's sometimes quite a challenge to get things to run under wine. Some stuff runs perfectly with no changes; other stuff, lots of hassle but ultimately fine, and of course there's a third category that simply doesn't work in the current release (unless you are a serious systems-level programmer and want to help them develop wine itself, in which case you can likely get anything to run, given enough time).
  8. My main goal is to find a stock data vendor who can support Linux.

    I can not believe if non exist!!

    So which stock data vendor support Linux? I only need EOD data.
  9. rwk


    I am not the OP, but I tried the same thing: TeleChart under both native Wine and Codeweavers. I was told by two knowledgeable people that I would probably not get TeleChart running under Linux (I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex) any time soon, so I gave up [for now]. I have TeleChart paid through the next 18 months, and replacing it in my apps will require massive reprogramming, so I have shelved Linux for now.

    Regarding Yahoo!Finance, my experience has been that the data quality is good, and the service is reliable. For a small subscription fee, you can even get the data in realtime. The problems seem to be the programming (not an issue for someone with programming ability), and developing a symbol list (doable, but not trivial).

    I will probably go the Yahoo route in the future when I have more free time.

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