If you are thinking about getting a computer...

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    And you are thinking about getting an INTC based CPU instead of AMD, you may want to wait for the i7:


    It has almost all the advantages of the AMD Hypertransport interconnect, but INTC will have extra advantages. This chip will rock on desktop applications.

    The next exciting trend is when the graphics GPU (that's a G not a C) is embedded into the CPU. That means no more bus latency. I believe AMD+ATI lead in this tech.

  2. What? No more video cards? Not even for 4+ monitor rigs?
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    Good question. I am not sure how the whole components of the high end graphics cards will be divided. I believe just the GPU part of the graphics card may be embedded in the CPU...

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  5. I trade on a laptop. Really. I don't use a hundred charts at once to trade. My system is established and integrated. Neither my trading platform, charts nor analysis tools take up much CPU, Ram or HDD space, so I don't need a super machine. Actually, I only use off-the-shelf laptops, albeit not the clearance or bargain models.

    When the ocassion arises to work on my systems, then I go to the desktop. But for daily trading, I would never consider being bound to my desk. If I had to miss a trade in favor of taking a vacation, flying, reading on the beach or even taking a dump, I would be disappointed. So I don't have to make that choice.

    I admire the looks of those with roomfulls of monitors, multiple PCs, T-1 lines and cockpit-like workstations. But I don't need them. I'd rather deck out a room like that to play Flight Simulator.
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    what's your point?
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    He never has one!

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    He just likes talking about his imaginary life. It starts seeming more real to him.
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    I'm looking to update my processor, so this looks very interesting. Although i already have 2 video cards hooked in.

    Kinda off-topic, if you are looking for hardware or even full systems, Circuit City is the spot to watch. They are liquidating inventory, loads of great deals.
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    Exactly. I trade on an Asus EEE PC mini-laptop, never using more than half of available CPU power or RAM. Most important features are weight and battery life. Everything else is overkill.
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