If you are sure stock wýll never go below X, what optýons would you use?

Discussion in 'Options' started by misterno, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Sellýng puts ýs the only thýng I can thýnk of.

    What do you thýnk?
  2. Gustaf


    You could also use a bull put spread, where you buy one lower put (insurance) and sell one put at the price it will never drop to.

    That way you could load up more contracts, less margin to maintain.
  3. Gustaf


    NLY trades at 16.91

    sep put @16 = 0.59
    sep put @15 = 0.36

    Scenario #1, naked put;

    Sell 1 @16 = $59 profit, = $309 maintenance margin

    Scenario #2, bull put spread;

    Sell 1 @16 = $59
    Buy 1 @15 = $36
    Net = $23, = $17 maintenance margin

    You could then load up on number of contracts to outperform the naked put scenario.

    Only do this if you are sure offcourse.

    Br Gustaf
  4. "If you are sure stock will never go below X, what options would you use?"

    Buy Puts with a strike of X. If you are sure the stock will never reach X then it will more than likely drop to X - and lower - fairly quickly.