If you are Royalty, you can get away with anything.

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  1. http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blog...naco-prince-hospital-200136880--abc-news.html

    So this 24 year old Prince approaches a 47 year old night club owner who is sitting with supermodels, says something to him, and there is a fight with him and 3 other of the princes posse and the 47 year old is the one getting charged with assault???

    This is such b.s. Did this 47 year old decide all of a sudden he was going to start a fight with 4 people half his age? How do the police even have the nerve to think the nightclub owner was the instigator? They approached him!!

    I guess if you throw a Prince in jail its an international incident though.
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    You try to politicize the weirdest shit. This is just a typical club fight. The courts will sort it out. Chill already.
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    Your posts make peil's look quite reasonable.
  4. Are you saying politics had nothing to with this? When was the last time you saw a "typical" fight in a club where an old man attack 4 people half his age.

    Because you know when you are in your late 40s, the last thing on your mind when you are sitting at a table with a bunch of beautiful women, is fighting.
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    Ted Kennedy committed murder or manslaughter on Chapaquitic without ever going to jail or trial.
  6. It really depends who throws the first punch. if the 47 years old was an experienced brawler, age means nothing.
    Some sissy prince and his friends have no chance against experienced fighter no matter what age he is.
  7. Probably the only hope for the 47 yo is to beg forgiveness from the prince and offer himself up as a servant.