if you are religious and you stop and actually think you can be free.

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  1. That's the trouble with religion. You're not allowed to question its core assumptions. And that is what they are: assumptions. It is like a prison of the mind.
  2. Who said you cant question religion? Of course you can! If you have questions, ask. I've never met any Christians/pastors that said to me "HEY! You are not supposed to ask that!"
  3. in order to really question and find answers you have to be willing to accept answers that may falsify what you believe. you are not willing to do that .
  4. Sure I am willing to accept answers that falsify what I believe. I'm just not willing to accept speculation as fact like you do. Evolution is speculation. Life from nothing is speculation. If anything you are the one that is not willing to accept answers that falsify what YOU believe.

    And another thing...your title "if you are religious and you stop and actually think, you can be free" Well thats as ridiculous as a fat guy saying to fitness instructor "I'm free because I can eat what I want and you cant". Its the same with the bible. Sure we cant do some things, but only negative things that would hurt us. Do you really think that YOU are happier than the average "religious" person?
  5. what does happy have to do with weather religion is delusion or not? drunks are happy while they are drunk.
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    To question core assumptions is an oxymoron. If you're questioning them, they aren't core assumptions.
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    And you're happy while endlessly bashing religion and conservatives.

    So what was your point again?
  8. Sorry, Happy is not the word I should've used. I should've said "do you think your life is more balanced and positive because of your beliefs"

    When I see the average Christian I notice some things. Both parents are there. Kids are well mannered. House is clean. Family is well groomed. Fit. (Obviously there are some exceptions, but this is the norm in my experience).

    Now...when I look at hardcore atheists like yourself. Generally no family, or if they have kids, its a one parent household. Kid is out of control. The atheist is never well groomed. Usually they are smokers. A little overweight. They like to wear skulls. House is generally unclean. (not like horder unclean with food laying around, but many things out of place and totally unorganized.) And they do not open curtains during the day.

    This is just a generalization. Some are not like this, but most are.

    Everyone has a argument for whos side is right, and each person has a reason for believing what they believe. But just look at the results of those beliefs. I'm guessing before you were an atheist, you probably didnt complain much and were pretty happy. Am I wrong?
  9. yes it is and a very ignorant one. you must not travel much. ever been to the southeast us bible belt? ever heard the term trailer trash? for the most part they are christians.
    not that it has anything to do with the fact that christianity is a delusion. you should watch the video. it so describes you. the former christian describes how he refused to ever look at any evidence that could possibly sway his belief.

    i would challenge you and prove that you are like him if i had time. busy weekend ahead. us skeptics have such a depressing life we dont have much free time. one thing is for sure. i wont spend much time worrying about an invisible man in the sky getting angry at me.
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