If you are not making money now in this market.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Look for something else to do.
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    "If you are not making money now in this market."

    Title should read; "A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY" Muhahahahahhaha
  3. Like post endlessly on elitetrader?
  4. I've always been amazed at the poor quality of posts here.
  5. cable


    Aren't you the guy who started the "I'm FINALLY Back in the Black" thread? When you feel on top of the world is when you should be the most worried. Tighten your stops; the market giveth and the market taketh away!
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    This place has gone to shit, why do you still hang out here and read AND reply to these pathetic post.
  7. This thread pretty much sums up this whole website, basicly what most threads are about - a pointless p*ssing match

    a complete waste of time
  8. if you want you can have some fun though...

    Chit Chat is not a bad place to hang around.
  9. This site is fine, I like the knowledge I have culled from it.
  10. Lets find a way-to cut the fat..
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