If You Are Not Honest With Yourself You Will Continue To Lose BIG!!!

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  1. How many day traders actually make money worth mentioning? Or any money at all? Most spend their days generating commissions for brokerage firms and extracting negligible returns from the markets. They use recycled 1970s indicators, charts that can’t scale, data feeds that THEY THINK are fast but are milliseconds too slow and read blogs, newspapers and watch CNBC for trading tips. They are not honest enough with themselves to realize that they are losing the game.

    There is an enormous paradigm shift taking place in our world. But many so called tradres dont even see it. They continue to thi k that they KNOW when they really dont! You really think the big boys on the street want hordes of day traders and dreamers piling onto their trades before they say you can? Think again. The only reason why you even know about certain market movements is because they want you to know.

    They have taken their seats at the dinner table and are using main stream press, financial journalists, bloggers and newsletter writers (some of those you subscribe to) to tell you that they are ready for you to come join them at the dinner table. And just in case you thought you are being told so you can join in the feast of green energy, peak oil and commodity trades let me be the first to say YOU ARE WRONG! They are waiting for you because YOU ARE THE MEAL! Millions of day traders who think they know something and have a hunch. They are waiting to feast on you.

    just my 2 cents
  2. I'll let you in on a little secret. Anyone who uses the term paradigm shift, and actually means it, should not be taken too seriously. Tell a friend.
  3. Wow, you really don't know shit about day trading do you? :p
  4. ok, here is my 2 cents worth.

    I recently read that 4 out of 5 restaurants fail in less than a year.

    I know about a dozen people who opened restaurants/coffee shops ect. and they all failed in less than a year,
    small sample size I know but to open a small restaurant you have to spend $100k to $300k and you have to work all day and all night for a long time. my point is that it take a lot of money and a lot of time, and at least 80% of the people fail at this.

    if you compare that to trading which takes a couple thousand dollars and 15 minutes of your time to start, you can expect a higher rate of failure since it's so easy your going to have less qualified people doing it.
  5. I noticed in your profile that you are a "systems developer/leaser". Can you please show us the guiding light that will correct our wrongs?

    Thank you kind sir!
  6. I highlighted all the important words in your post for you.

    There are 12 "they's"

    We all meet every Tuesday in our secret location, to discuss how WE are going to F you over each week..... bwahahahaha !

  7. ElCubano


    there should be 12 "me's" ... trading is nothing more than a battle against the man in the mirror.
  8. Give that man a cigar :D
  9. Damnit Cubano, i`m looking for the holy grail over here. Would you pipe down! :D
  10. So he's the bastard on the other side of my losing trades! :mad:
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