if you are lucky ,i give out my 35th straight winner today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. refresh every 10 seconds
  2. Doood..
    you are a fucking joke..
    you say you sold ES yesterday at 1508, when the market was trading 1470ish..
    and then 5 minutes later you say you covered...

    Do you think anyone thinks you kick ass?
  3. Do you think I care what you think?

    Wrong again, margin call breath
  4. Notice these anii pick on the one trade that wasnt realtime , and ignore all the realtime winners.

    Tells ya all you need to know about them, now dont it
  5. Of course you do!
    You care what EVERYONE thinks..

    You are a douche!
  6. Its never been this easy. Stress free trading and nothing but winners.

    You all must be cleaning up
  7. LOL
  8. Be careful PohPoh, if you call out his BS he WILL put you on ignore :D

  9. PohPoh = PoorPoor?
    #10     Aug 9, 2007