(If you are losing $, then you are not looking here)

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  1. All trades and sports picks posted in advance, documented on this site, and have not lost. 10 and 0. Geez, maybe TraderZones or Bwolinskiisacockcobbler will certainly find something that I am doing wrong. Not sure that I will ever post my trades anymore because of those douchebags, but I will still post my sport plays. A decent player would have made about $130K on these plays alone.
  2. What [​IMG]TraderZones[​IMG], don't have anything to say when all trades/picks are documented in advance.

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    following - good luck
  4. Anyone who needs the proof, just go to Chit Chat for my sports plays, and my journal for my trades. Did have a push on a run total.
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    i thought you left your journal? are you still updating it?
  6. No, I am not allowed in Journals section any longer. Even my posts in other threads there get deleted. I pretty much hang out in Chit Chat. Magna and myself have not hit it off.

    Guess if you are the only one here who wins, you get banished.

    Show me anyone else with my results(all posted in advance here), and, by the way, nothing to sell. You get the clan when you try to help.

    I am done trying to help, except to those in progress.
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    check your pm. just some ideas in there
  8. Thanks. I have a bunch of followers on twitter, though I am not sure if i will ever do it. We'll see where this goes.
  9. Oh, I forgot.

  10. Oh, I forgot again,

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