If you are homeless in America, being broke is by far not your only problem

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    Homeless are on the increase thanks to Ben Shalom Bernanke, and his predecessors

    10 Unbelievably Sh**ty Things America Does to Homeless People
    No group has their human and civil rights so casually and routinely trampled as do homeless Americans.

    1. Outlawing sitting down

    2. Denying people access to shelters. In November the Bloomberg administration tried to institute new rules that would force shelters to deny applicants who failed to prove they had no other housing options, like staying with relatives or friends (NYC's overcrowded shelters being so appealing that people with access to housing are desperate to sneak in).

    3. Making it illegal to give people food. Two weeks ago, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter announced a citywide ban on giving food to the hungry in public parks. Amidst outcry by homelessness advocates and religious and charity groups, Nutter insisted on the policy

    4. Installing obstacles to prevent sleeping or sitting. Many cities have invested in their homeless torture infrastructure, spending thousands to install obstacles preventing the homeless from sleeping, standing, or sitting in parks, under bridges and next to public transportation.

    5. Anti-panhandling laws to punish people who give. Some cities are so eager to spare their citizens the horrors of panhandling they've instituted laws protecting them from themselves. In 2010 Oakland Park, Florida, made it illegal to give money to panhandlers.

    6. Destroying possessions of the homeless. Police regularly conduct sweeps of homeless encampments, destroying or taking blankets and other private property, including medications and documents,

    7. Kicking homeless kids out of school. Unsurprisingly, good educational opportunities are not bountiful for homeless children. The country's estimated 1.35 million homeless youth face a number of obstacles to regular schooling, ranging from residency requirements that are tough to meet when a family is transient to a lack of immunization records. According to a Department of Education

  2. Liberals created this problem, when they insisted that people with serious mental issues had to be released form mental hospitals. Of course, they ended up on the streets.

    Liberals also oppose the obvious solution, which is creating safe, secure encampments for the homeless on surplus land, like military bases or closed prisons. They characterize that as concentration camps.

    Liberals prefer for the homeless to live miserable lives squatting in parks and under freeway overpasses, vulnerable to crime and the weather. That way, they are in everyone's face and can be exploited politically, just as this article is trying to do.

    In fact, the policies listed make perfect sense and, for the most part, were instituted by democrats. The homeless do not have some special right to make public parks unuseable for the taxpayers who maintain them. It sounds harsh to prevent them from "sitting" there, but what actually happens is they stay there day and night, defecate in the bushes, get drunk or high and make it unpleasant for everyone else.

    As for the feeding bans, well-intentioned groups, usually from churches, pull up in food vans and distribute food, usually in downtown parks. Of course, they have a magnet effect and draw large groups of street people to these areas, turning an unpleasant situation into an unbearable one for surrounding businesses, workers and residents.

    Ironically, in Washington, DC, liberals were perfectly ok with the homeless being ejected from one downtown park they had colonized. Of course, they wanted to use that park for the union-financed Occupy DC scum. So let no one say liberals aren;t consistent. they consistently try to ruin things for those who play by the rules.
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    But liberals are right there to register them to vote then make sure they (or someone for them - hence opposition to voter ID laws.) gets their vote cast for the democrats.
  4. And nowhere in the article do they outline that the majority of homeless are drunks and drug attics who do not want to live in a home. When you give to these people you are just supporting their habits.
  5. Could you point me to the nearest drug attic ?

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    LOL. I suspect you could just pull that cord hanging from your ceiling and be instantly at the door to the "drug attic". :D
  7. Drug attics get higher than ground floor attics.