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  1. I like his ear ring. That's the bling!
  2. what's he selling?
  3. Despite the ear ring crack this video is actually quite informative. It illuminates many of the biases retail investors have. Lots to prey on:)
  4. Nothing :D He's a pretty famous academic researcher and I think he was speaking to a bunch of investors just presenting his research. I think you might find the second half a bit more interesting...
    But no he's not selling anything, so no credibility issue there :)
  5. i just watched that entire thing...heh 1 hour 5 min..... nice ending
  6. I thought so too. I think I might make my students watch it next time I teach investments... I know what you all must be thinking: "Yeah, another academician plugging the whole buy and hold thing." To an extent maybe. He did have a number of very useful insights though that at least partially explain why most traders don't succeed.
  7. I would rather read bored.com.
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    i found squawk to be a total waste, and one more thing to slow my computer down.
  9. any women in the second half?:D
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