If you are a trader or investor, Congressional Republicans deserve your praise

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  1. Everyone here should email, fax or call your Republican Rep in Congress and urge them to NOT give in to this blackmail that Wall Street is attempting.

    They need to be reassured that they're are doing the absolutely correct thing!

  2. That's right.
    We need to FREEZE the banking system even further so that we can facilitate the coming Depression . . . Have you even looked at the Commercial Paper market lately?
  3. Michael Moore agrees with the Republicons too.

  4. I do not think it is fair to single out congressional Republicans.

    MORONS like John Harwood were reporting on Thursday that Democrats were considering passing the bill on a partisan basis.

    LITTLE BOYS like him are minions of the MSM cult of Barry and who repeat whatever is fed them and in this case was simply a downright dirty lie.

    There were a NUMBER of Democrats who were unwilling to drink the Paulson/Bennie Kool-Aid.

    Matt Drudge has a link to a Democrat congressman who voted no and who said, "We put thieves in jail, we do not bail them out."

    The Republican leadership did not have the votes they thought they had.

    The Democrat leadership lied and did NOT have the votes they led MORONS like John Harwood to believe they had.

    There were a good number, in fact 40 per cent of Democrats who could not vote for this bill.

    Republicans alone cannot claim credit for this bill going down.

    Bush is clueless lameduck dolt and it is no surprise that over 60 per cent of his party voted again him.

    But Nancy be a QUEEN, and she could only get 60 per cent of her party to side with her and her eunuch assistants like Rahm and Barney.
  5. I was shocked that the House actually took a baby step in the right direction.

    I'm sure this will change in a few days. They might even propose something more assinine in the future. Who knows?

    But, heck yea, I was shocked and proud of our Republican and some Democratic congressmen today.

  6. you've bought into a false set of beliefs.

    if you have good credit, there will ALWAYS be a bank to give you the loan.

    Wall street could stop existing tomorrow and nothing would change for the average family on main street.
  7. Even "if" the bill was going to be beneficial, which it is not, they should wait until Wall Street calms the hell down.... Isn't that how you handle a child throwing a tantrum??..

    Surely it wasn't Joe-Six pack selling today... Just a damn child trying to manipulate!!!! The Dow has been under 10k before..... So what...

    I got a loan for a house this month.... and quite easily.... What "freeze up"
  8. I'm not a rocket scientist, but even I know that allowing Wall Street to expropriate a trillion dollars from savers (i.e. taxpayers) and purchase the very worst of toxic paper that can't be given away (and probably that has a net negative value along with massive carrying costs [such as property taxes, maintenance]) - negotiated during one of the biggest ponzi schemes in history (i.e. derivatives) whereby worthless assets were assigned sky-high values and borrowed against to the tune of 15 or 30 to 1 -

    - well, that's not going to be good for anyone but a few people on Wall Street trying to bail out of the plane before it hits the mountain side.
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    100% agreed, and it should also be noted that about 1/3 of Democrats had the spine to vote against this bill too.
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