If you are a football fan this video will blow you away.

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    I thought given all of the head injuries in the last week this video was appropriate to show just how much stronger these guys are compared to a normal human being.

    The video is of a fit 160 pound guy lining up against nadamukong suh on the line, and Suh probably throws the guy more then 10 feet into the air like he is a frigging paper weight.

    If you dont got alot of time skip to 1:40 its pretty cool to see just what one of these guys would do to one of us mere mortals. Series is called sports science it is pretty interesting. Nadamukong Suh was only in college during this video to so he is only going to get bigger and stronger.

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  2. Well the dope came up high out of his stance.:eek: But your point is well taken. Many moons ago I went a round with a guy on the Marine Corps boxing team while we served together. At the time I was 6'5", 210 lbs. and had been in a scrape or two. Gilbert was 5'10', maybe 165lbs. About 30 seconds in, holy crap, he beat me senseless. I'm still seeing stars.
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    Yeah i dont know what he was doing trying to grb the back of his head, your always taught to stay low in football, low man always wins, but still to see a person get launched like a rag doll like that is still amazing.
  4. Nobody grows always. Some people grow early and some people grow late. Maybe Nadamukong Suh will get smaller and weak as time goes by.
  5. I have a 6'2" 220 LB 14 year old(freshman in high school), and he is strong as can be. He out lifts quite a few of the varsity palyers on a powerhouse team. At the same time he doesn't get technique, and while he holds his own, he should be manhandling the guys he goes against. If he finally gets what he is told he maybe a monster, but for now he is just average. Technique makes a huge difference.

    P.S. I may need to question the wife about paternity testing, as neither of us is anywhere near that size. lol
  6. has nothing to do with talent or skill..the guy is simply sig more MASSIVE. period. not impressive to me in the least because it's high school physics :confused:
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    If you have ever been to a gym in your life you would realise how impressive this is.

    I will tell you what, take a running start with a 45 pound plate(if your weak hands can even lift it , let alone run with it.) and see if you can launch it as far as this guy just did to a 160 pound human who was fighting back, while ndamukong suh started from a motionless position. I would be willing to bet you cant even bench 160 let alone throw it ten feet.
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