If you are a CTA -- objective systematic non-preferential price allocation procedures

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 88888888, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. If you are a CTA and if you use Interactive Brokers (IB) as a FCM and if you place a “block orders” or “bunched orders” for all your Client Accounts, how does IB implement “objective systematic non-preferential price allocation procedures” which is required by NFA/CFTC?

    Just try to understand the details of such procedures implemented by IB.

    Does IB actually implement such procedure?

    If not, does a CTA have to implement it? How?

    Does any one have any idea?
  2. i haven't been a cta in a long time but there used to be a first in last out thing. so whoever of the clients got in a trade first was the last account out of the trade.

    then i think we did something based on the account numbers, the cta can do it or more likely as i remember the clearing firm had to shuffle things around and it was a headache.

    best thing is to pool the money and sell shares off according to contribution.