If you apply to 759 jobs and get 0 is it you or the jobmarket?

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  1. http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2010/news/1002/gallery.discouraged_workers/index.html

    This girl graduated with an MA in marketing in 07 has has not been able to land a job in 3 years .

    So do you think the problem is the person or the market. It is like those people who go through 5 divorces, at some point it aint the people you chose to marry.

    She is 29, Graduated in 07 making her 26 when she graduated.

    8 years in college??? for an MA in marketing?
  2. No offense, but I think its her.
  3. Nursing homes in my country are desperate for staff.

    They pay good money if you want to wipe clean grandpa's ass.

    Why not?

    A man has to put food on the table.
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    It's the fucking system.

    Government education largely teaches nothing more than obedience to your superiors. I think the only thing useful I learned from education was a bit of science and then math but even then I'm amazed they didn't manage to royally screw that up. Even here in the UK all of a sudden the BBC are going "GASP, children aren't being given proper advice on how to advance to a career! Skills aren't properly being taught" as if they had no fucking idea it was a giant shit hole that sucked up money and gave nothing back.

    Adults arrogantly bitch about people like us and say it's our fault but they never go and look at the fact that the majority of the so called 'taxpayer money' going into education often ends up going straight to the military and the education system in reality gets very little. If you go to a government school you may as well join the army because the meer fact you have to say "Sir" or "Miss" to a teacher in class reeks of military to me.

    The majority of the jobs that are out there supposedly starting positions require experience so there is no way in hell someone fresh out of university even with a masters is likely to get it.
  5. Sam Kinison used to have a comedy skit about people living in a desert crying to have someone send them water.
    Sam's response was . . . "THEY LIVE IN A DESERT . . . f_ck the water, send them a uhaul and move them to where there is water." (I paraphrase)

    There are jobs needing filled all over with less than qualified people, all the while better qualified people refuse to relocate to take jobs they feel they are over qualified for.

    Example: My youngest daughter, with a 4 year degree, couldn't get a job in her field in LA. I found her a job in the Mid East at a great wage but a wage far less than she might get, if she could find a job in LA. She refused to take the position and stay in LA where 2 years later she ended up taking a job at less than the position in the Mid East was offering. Her reasoning . . . people in the Mid East are all clothing challenged.

    Moral of the story . . . if you need a job bad enough . . . you can find one.
  6. "759 jobs, have heard back from 23, and interviewed with two"

    That is the kind of optimistic persistence that makes a great trader. In fact it makes for a great employee.

  7. +1 Billion
  8. Job of last resort :

    open your own hedge fund shop....:D
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    Remember there is 1 job for every 6 people looking.
  10. . . . and 4 of them are at home smoking poting pot on the couch.

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