If ya cant beat these,u really shouldnt be trading at all

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  2. If you can't make money in the first one, you're not qualified to cross the street without assistance.

    But it's fun to try to scalp every tiny move. :)
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    lol , true dat , :D
  4. The second game seems random just like the real stock market.

    What sort of "strategy" do you use?
  5. Coin toss and Martingale.
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    Na, just follow price ... Momentum , highs and lows , hh,hl
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  8. The idea of Momentum has not been defined quantitatively by anyone on this board except by rare two sentence passage that gave the stat arb strategies I got, so it is possible, but as far as finding someone qualified to write a strategy... good luck finding the genius who'll take $12k for 6 months of work and $28k of profits to do it!

    The others I agree are a bit easier to find publicly, like overbought oversold levels and the price oscillations of HH, LL, HL, and LH.

    The rest of you can just squirm, because momentum is always between these extreme highs and lows and the mathematical definitions of it exist to only geniuses. If you're defining the middle portion as indicative of possible trajectory and future price change, this is so hard for me to explain mathematically that I won't try, and I don't care to, either. Let's say my laser pointer might not be on the board right now, the board will just be there in a measured timeframe with stops and targets.

    Those trading games won't make you any money long term versus the above closely held trade secrets that I and a number of institutions appear to have got, and that's really why a lot of people here should not be trading at all.

    If you don't have codes, don't trade. It's not any clearer to those that don't have to click their mouse to do their business because of the inevitable burnout no matter how far they might have advanced in their trading gambling, because it is impossible to remove emotion. Codes have no emotion, that's why you must use them.
  9. I played the metals game through July and finally got the hang of it. All I did was let my winners run and cut my losers early.

    Surely real trading isn't that easy, right?
  10. Without codes, this was gambling from the standpoint of lack of valuation computation or use of mathematics. What you were doing was seeing price fall, and taking profits at certain suboptimal intervals.

    With experience, the knowledge of timing does become easier to use, but the codes are just something maybe the institutions have to have to justify their trades. I know metals percentages there were quite good for accurate timers and traders, but do you feel like it's happening still? I mean that if there was a good way to keep doing that, it'd be all right, but I'd bet you aren't having a go of it the way you were there since then, eh?
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