If Women Ruled the World

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Jan 5, 2003.

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    I think if women "ruled" we would have peace.
    Guys sure have made a mess over the centuries, let the gals have the reins.

  2. Babak


    ... or would we have a war every thirty days?
  3. bobcathy1

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    But with men we have a war EVERY day!

    I would imagine women would be more into words than war.
    I do not know a single female who is for war under any circumstances.
    We do not want to sacrifice our children.
    Also we do not have testosterone to make us competitive. Less ego problems.

    And besides, most statesmen are beyond menopause age so their female counterparts would be that age too.

  4. bobcathy1

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    If women were in charge of the stock market, I wonder what would happen?

    I sure hope we would all not be like Martha Stewart.
    Heaven forbid!
  5. Josh_B


    hehe, bodcathy1,

    even with due consideration to Babaks' note, you may have something there

  6. Thinking...

    I think men would be slaves. Just like an ant. There's the Queen and there's male working hard.

    I don't think there's going to be much war. I think there's not much of a country but a colony of what we do. Have you watched the movie Time Machine? Kinda like that.

    Technologically, I don't think we'll be so much advanced but philosophically and mentally, I think socially in general would be more advanced.

    Would be a interesting world...
  7. Genetically, it's "harder" to have a male because of X and Y chromosomes.

    XX is women, XY is men. Usually, during sex, the sperm and the egg is XX but once the girl has an orgasm, the acid changes one of the chromosomes to an Y. Orgasm = Male...

    Considering that, there is going to be more female than men. Because of the genetic rarity, the male were more important than women. To make more male, they had women stay virgins until they were going to have a baby. They also created Karma Sutra and other sex techniques to help them have more male.

    Men were rare back then. Come to think of it, I guess most of us now are better in bed than guys 300-400 years ago.

    Funny thing is that back in the Renaissance, when the Prince and the Princess first have sex, they have old folks telling the prince how to perform in bed.

    Weird if you think about it...

    Your uncle says, "Prince, twist your hips 5 degree NW!"

    Your aunt says, "Stroke faster!"

    Your father says, "Arch your back!"

    Your friend says, "Let me join!!!"

    History is weird...
  8. If women ruled the world, would they nail shut the lid ring on toilet seats?
  9. Only if you guys continue to insist on leaving it up. Anyway, we'd get a guy to come and do it for us...


  10. Gets My vote. At least women talk with eachother and cooperate...

    Natalie :D
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