If What Ken Lewis Says Happened Is True...

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  1. Then we are no longer America, as set forth in our very own Constitution.

    I realize that is a dramatic statement, and I could spend the better part of 5,000 words or more stating an eloquent, and more importantly, factually astute and compelling case as to why the statement is absolutely true.

    But you are all intelligent enough to realize the gravity of the situation, what it means to our Republic, and that there is no possible manner to overstate the seriousness of the adverse consequences such an interaction between the government and the private sector, utilizing taxpayer dollars, spells.
  2. If there is validity to Lewis' statements, indeed, this warrants investigation by Congress. Bring Lewis, Paulson, Bernanke, and the fomer head of Merrill all before a comittee on CSPAN. That puppet show aught to be worth another 20 pts on the ES.
  3. Well there was also laws against making up evidence and going to war against countries that never attack you, and that only cost 6000 american lives, and 10's of thousands of iraqis. americans only care when there are dollar signs not body bags.

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    Actually many American's cared a great deal but the President, congress, and the media chose not to listen to our voices of vehement protest. Seems like it is happening all over again (Obama wasn't even aware of the teaparties, the media barely reported on them and what they did report was mischaracterized, congress is asleep at the wheel while the opportunities of future generations are being annihilated by the crushing debt load that they will have to service).
  5. The Iraqi death count is in the millions.
  6. Well I didnt see any mass protests against the war. but I seen tea parties against the bailout. So we really have tobe honest about it. The reason is that americans never see the bodies and images anymore,they only see the dollars gone from their pockets, and their inability to shop till they drop.

  7. We haven't been since the 1930's. This is nothing new.
  8. Why would he lie? He is no politician.

    FED is SCAM :-( Please educate yourself.


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  9. Just do a simple search. Here is one result:


    "Crowds estimated at 80,000 fill the civic center of San Francisco, California on in an anti-war protest, January 18, 2003. Thousands marched on Washington and San Francisco and at smaller protests in Chicago and Tampa, Florida, in what organizers said was the largest showing of US anti-war sentiment since President George W. Bush started making his case for attacking Iraq last year.(Reuters Photo)"

    There were many demonstrations.

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    You are seriously misinformed. Even the smallest anti war protest I went to, and I went to a few, was bigger than any of the tea party events this past weekend.

    Oct 2002
    On October 26, protests took place in various cities across the world. Over 100,000 people took part in a protest in Washington. 50,000 people took part in a demonstration in San Francisco.

    Jan 2003
    DC 100-200K
    San Fran 150-200K

    March 2003
    250,000 protesters demonstrated in New York City according to the German Spiegel Online magazine. There were protests in Washington, D.C.. In Chicago, protesters disrupted traffic by closing down Lake Shore Drive. CNN reported that a march of over a thousand protesters in Atlanta, Georgia passed by their headquarters, upset over that network's coverage of the war.
    In Boston, Massachusetts 50,000 people attended the largest rally in the city since the end of the Vietnam War. Thousands of people blocked Boylston Street in a die-in along the Boston Common.

    And it just kept growing. I know that there wasn't initially the level of outcry against the war that other countries were seeing but you have to understand two things about this:
    1) the US had just suffered a major and psychologically devastating attack, other countries had not
    2)The American people were being lied to on a daily basis with the full complicity of the media and psychologically were very receptive to lies that involved the security of the nation which the administration took full advantage of.

    Getting back to the current crisis though, while the government lies worked with the war, they don't seem to be fooling as many people with this crisis. Also the media is starting to question what the hell is going on as are people in congress and other areas of government (easier to do when you are not accused of being a traitor if you question policies as was the case with the anti war voices in government, a career ender where as now being question voice like Cuomo is a potential career maker).
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