If We're Going To Cut And Run, Let's Do It Now

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. You know this?


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  2. Yes I do........the same way I also know you are fat and flunked out of College. Some things are just obvious.
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  3. Oh yes, you really "know" what you are talking about.


    Oh, it is so funny to watch the republiklans gripping, now that they have had their testicles whacked...

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  4. How do you figure I am gripping ? See unlike you ZZZzzzzzz, I am confident my life won't change regardless of the elected officials. That is because I don't blame them for my personal shortcomings like you.
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  5. No, your personal shortcomings are obviously the product of inferior breeding, hard to blame anyone but a bottle of gin and a rape for that...

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  6. Are you referring to the fact I am an African American........that is outrageous and shows us all who the real bigots are.
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  7. No, I didn't know you were African American.

    Just goes to show that any racial group can produce derelicts from a bottle of booze and a rape of a family member...

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  8. If that is true, if that's where things have progressed to, then immediate and total withdrawl is obviously the only answer. There is no value in trying to salvage some cred, since those who we would seek to influence by doing so have already made up their minds about this action and what it means for them vis-a-vis their own engagement of the U.S. No one would want more young people to die so that the U.S. can 'save face' (except Z, so that he can start more threads).


    Amazing, Z. You seem to be able to inspire disgust in a new member every day. Ever wonder why so many people call you a moron?
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  9. You are right about the fat part. I have it on good authority that Z goes 350 if he goes a pound. I don't think he ever flunked out of college, though. One look at his grammar and spelling would tell you that he never made it that far.
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  10. Okay, point well taken, I will revise it to "didn't complete tech school".
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