If We're Going To Cut And Run, Let's Do It Now

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  1. You know Bush is in trouble when his daddy's old friends and retainers start coming out of the woodwork. You know the situation is dire when Gentleman Jim Baker arrives on the scene. Whne did he last make an appearance? As I recall it was during the Florida recount of 2000. Well, he's baaack. Along with Robert Gates, Bush sr's pal from the CIA who is being welcomed with open arms by Harry Reid of all people.

    Baker is heading up a bipartisan committee to come up with ideas for Iraq. Translation: he's been brought in to try to free junior's foot from the beartrap he's in. Given Reid's sudden desire to get along, it seems obvious to me that the fix is in. "Stay the course" will be modified to "Get out" but in a dignified manner that will provide a plausible explanation that it was the unfortunate result of the failure of the Iraqi leaders to get with the program. Impeachment and potentially devastating investigations will be avoided in favor of letting Henry Waxman go after Halliburton, Parsons and other contractors.

    Since the administration has no idea what to do in Iraq, getting out may not be a bad idea. I have to agree with Limbaugh's sarcastic suggestion though. If we're going to cut and run, or whatever euthemism will be used to describe it, why piss around? Let's get the troops home as soon as possible, like by Christmas. Why get more of them killed in a hopeless gesture, just to try to pretty up W's legacy?

    The supreme irony is that if Bush had done this before the election, the Republicans would have surely retained the Senate and maybe the House.
  2. I will be happy if Waxman can break the backs of the defense contractors, halicrookton and other companies who profit from war mongering. It will be a fitting end to their greed.
  3. If Bush had done this before March, 2003, no soldiers would have died, Bush's approval would be in the 70's, and we'd be talking about a "permanent" Republican majority now.
  4. US plans last big push in Iraq

    Strategy document calls for extra 20,000 troops, aid for Iraqi army and regional summit

    Simon Tisdall
    Thursday November 16, 2006
    The Guardian

    does not sound like bush is going to pull out.
  5. Not immediately. It is all about face saving at this point.
  6. How fallen we are, if it really is "all about face saving."

  7. Haliburton isn't a defense contractor, how dumb are you.
  8. No, it's about not turning our back on the too few brave Iraqis, who had the personal courage to stand up to Saddam and form a new government. ZZZzzzz these are traits you would know nothing about.
  9. You remind me of someone who is on the wrong side of a trade, and continues to defend the losses...

  10. That's a laugher, you have so little commonsense I know you don't actually trade for a living.
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