If we were to go to war with China

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    Would all our debt held by them be abolished forever? Assuming we win.

    How much is their government dependent on our debt? I believe they hold around 900 billion right?

    I know their economy would tank because we would not be buying from them. But I am talking specifically about government held debt.
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    You owe people's money, and your solution is to kill that guy? fuck you family.

    Besides, there are few countries you don't want to touch. Russia is one, and China is another one. They could dump their nukes on US soil even if their countries are completely wiped out (assume the US started the war first like Pearl Harbor). If go to nukes, pretty much the US WILL BE WIPED OUT AS WELL.

    Even if Russia or China just blow up all their nukes on their own soil, that would be the end of the world.
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    idiots, I am not talking about going to war because of the debt, but for some other reason.
  5. What a moron, what are you going to go start a war with China for us? Your Ignorance reigns supreme!
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    Never fight a land war in Asia.
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  8. If china attacks Taiwan we could possibly be in a limited war with China to protect Tawain. Under this scenario everybody loses except Taiwan-they would probably keep their freedom and independence. No doubt there would be a world economic collapse that would eclipse the current one we are in. In military terms, the first strike priorty for Tawain and the USA would be every runway in China. I recall from my service years that there are several cruise missles dedicated to every possible runway in Eastern China. The communists have never developed a creditable VTOL combat aircraft-and this leaves them vurnerable.
    In the event of a confrontation all of their runways for their combat aircraft would be distroyed by cruise missle strikes from
    Ticonderoga Class cruisers stationed in the middle of the Pacific.
    China in turn would in turn do the same and also target American carriers. This would effectively render traditional fighter and bomber aircraft useless--they would not have a place to land and rearm and repair.
    The nation that would rule the sky would be the one who has the best VTOL aircraft-planes that do not need runways. This is why the first combat wings of F-35 joint strike fighters are to be deployed to Japan.

  9. I am not going to respond to the OP or any other post in this thread, but I will say that I don't understand your comment, as it's historically questionable.

    Vietnam kicked China's ass when they fought an intense but brief all out war, literally, in 1979.

    I think the 40,000 to 60,000 Chinese infantry died, and the Vietnamese Military suffered 5,000 casualties.
  10. what's wrong with that. we are americans after all, we do whatever the fuck we want.:mad:
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