If we get no surprise cut tomorrow, then..

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  1. No one will want to hold stocks in the 3 day weekend. This is a murderous market, looking to lop off the heads of any bold bulls. This bear is on steroids and HGH and andro. It is pumped looking to rip off bull hide.

    All major technical support levels are BROKEN. Welcome to the show.
  2. Awesome thread.
  3. If we get no surprise cut tomorrow, then..

    You"ll get to start another thread just like this one.
  4. balda


    most of the investor have no idea where ''support" is.
  5. What the hell happened to NO RISK!!! :D :D :D ???
  6. The sky is falling! total collapse of the world economy is in progress!
  7. Russell 2000 down over 20% from highs.

    R2K led the way up from the 2003 low and is leading the way down..
  8. No thread like this would be complete without a "100% down room to go!! $$"
  9. actually good earning from IBM, good guidance

    AMD is good

    WM is up 3% AH despite bad earnings

    I just bought. Tomorrow rally is very probable
  10. and for what it's worth...from briefing.com...

    15:51 BLUEX Blue Chip Trader - - Oversold SPY -Update-

    The RSI-14 in the SPY is looking to close below the "oversold" 30-level today. This has occurred 16 times since Jan 2000. Buying the Close and Covering the Next Day's Close has resulted in an Average Gain of over +0.50%. Note there's no guarantee of this as the market could still open lower tomorrow or flat and then move lower, but the odds seem to favor some upside tomorrow. Combined with finally seeing a spike in the VIX and price extending below its lower Daily Bollinger Band by more than 1.25 points the odds should increase even more. (BLUEX)
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