If we GET another CAT 5 hurricane 3 weeks from now? what will happen

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  1. What will happen? Market will just rip higher!
    Who cares about 'fundamentals'?
    This market is on a course...to nowhere.

  2. As it has been all year round.
  3. lol tell that to anybody who has been investing the last 6 months :D

  4. nitro


    What's the sound of one hand clapping?

  5. TGregg


    We'd get new all time highs on the Spoos! That'd be awesome. Although we might need higher interest rates and more debt to hold it.

  6. Pabst


    You come across as someone either quite young or you have limited historical perspective. The saturation of ideas expressed on cable television and the internet intensifies each "crisis."

    Only three Cat 5's have hit the U.S. in the last century. Often hurricanes reach Cat 5 status while out to sea only to mellow as they reach shore. These storms have ALWAYS been problematic for coastal residents. Just as river flooding (of which there's been a LULL) has been historically devastating for those who live on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The difference is whereas pre-air conditioning relatively few people lived in cities like Houston, New Orleans, Tampa and Miami, those areas now have populations of millions. SoFla for example has been in a hurricane DROUGHT. If SoFla starts getting the frequency of storms they had in the 1930's there's going to be economic dickings to pay.

    The recent relative proliferation has NOTHING to do with Brazilian rain forests or soccer moms driving SUV's any more than six heads in a row coming up in a Monte Carlo simulation means a sudden bias shift. Shit happens. And it happens in trends. El Nino's are predictable and the water in the Atlantic is in a warm cycle.

    As far as the market goes, what's the cause effect on future valuations. Sure some retailers ect. may have sluggish quarters because of all this (vis a vis the effects of oil prices) but does that allow me to extrapolate what CSCO's earnings in 2006 are going to be? Of course not. Get used to it. During your hopefully long career you're going to experience assassinations, sudden resignations, acts of terror, earthquakes in LA and Tokyo, weird flu strains, and yes, more hurricanes. Don't sweat it!
  7. =================

    That so called global warming link;
    was rightly & strangly titled''Scientist...loonies''

    Investors Business Daily , website,
    had an excellant rebuttal to that
    Al Gore garbage/global warming.

    What happens if we get several more major cat 2-5 gulf storms before NOV hurricane season ends;
    oil/gas stocks may trend even better perhaps parabolic.

    And you may notice bull markets shrug off bad news;
    but the above scenerio may produce some sharp brief downspikes,
    in a bull market context.:cool: