if volatility wears you out

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    trade the weekly candle.

    Only look at the chart formation 5 minutes before market closes every Friday.

    It's so easy and simple, the difficult part is you need to implement it as planned and sit tight.
  2. Everyone should be checking weekly candles. Even when looking for a shorter term trade
  3. Ok. Let me take that back. If you are Intra-day trading, you don't need to waste your time on a weekly chart. However, you still need to check the daily chart.

    Anything overnight better check the weekly
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    Volatility is something to rejoice, not run away from....
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    Posts like these make me go Hmmmmm

    Some of the best intraday targets… and some of the lowest risk intraday entries – are when the monthly, weekly, and daily line up

    As for volatility – it must be respected first.., and foremost – then exploited second

    But then again – what do I know


  6. 99% of posters claim to be on the right side of every 5 sigma move.

    the other 99% are busy filing bankruptcy
  7. Sounds like a pretentious group.
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    Any system that uses exclusively end of bar trading, needs to always have well determined loss stops in place. Any such system is far from optimum.

  10. 1. You're growing old. I'm not referring to chronological age.

    2. Friday is as often as not, a deceptive day. Particularly the third one each month (particularly after assignments).

    3. Easy and simple. As a 4 year old would respond, "Yeah, right".

    4. A weekly candle encompasses how many thousands of fills? Of participants? Opinions?
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