If US Military is so smart, why dont they use CELLPHONE JAMMERS in iraq :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. If the us military is so smart, why dont they use cellphone jammers, and broadrange radio jammers to protect against remote detonated IEDs? Huh why not. Most IED's are remote detonated with radio and cellphone devices, so they are miles away when a convoy approaches. No chance of getting the insurgents.
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    They did. The bad guys started using wiring. Then I said "why don't they put up infra red cameras or use the little drone planes or satellites even, to observe the routes and watch the guys as they bury the bomb and lay the wire and at the last minute call in an air strike to explode the bomb and the bad guys and the buildings they are hiding in?" No answer to that one.

    I don't believe the US is trying to win in Iraq. I don't think they were ever trying to win, I think they want to just destabilize the place, get some experienced troops for the real war, test the technology, etc. The generals recommended three or four times as many troops as the Executive Branch allowed them to use, then they left the borders open, then they left Falluja unattended for some bullshit political reason for weeks while the insurgency was building up an arsenal and eventually a reputation....
  3. Don't forget washing through $900m of taxpayer money to Haliburton...
  4. Good observations. Hard to explain, except for the powerful combination of incompetency, PC considerations and fear of the media. Look at the storm the media and the Democrats have kicked up over relatively minor issues like gitmo, civilians getting killed, etc. Of course, they seem to be totally unconcerned with muslim on muslim slaughter and terrorism and not too concerned about insurgent on American terrorism, torture, decapitations, etc.

    I think the root of the problem is the administration never really grasped the concept of what an occupation means. The sucessful occupations in history have either involved high levels of brutality, eg Roman Empire, Japanese, Chinese, North Vietnamese, a supine population , eg French in WW II, or a totally defeated and demoralized enemy, eg, Japan and Germany.
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    Iraq has not been so much the "occupied" fighting against the U.S. conquerors as much as a religious Civil War. The U.S. figured the Sunni Bathists would be diminished and the long oppressed Shia majority grateful for the chance at participation in a democratic Iraq. To a degree that's been true but virtually no one could have predicted the amount of vicious, wanton violence these two groups are capable of inflicting on each other.
  6. Torture and killing of civilians are minor issues??????? :confused:

    In another posting he had supported the idea of using car bombs to bomb mosques, albeit by CIA.

    This person must be related to Saddam Hussein or have some kind of barbarian genes.

    We, the US people, prefer the moral high grounds than the slime infested dark alleys preferred by the likes of you and turd bags of OBL.
  7. no it was reverse. Wiring, then switching to radio or cell devices like your car door opener. Hey and why did the military send unarmored humvees to iraq. You would think they would be smarter right. Or why did they send in soldiers without body armour. And then reprimanding soldiers for buying their own body armour :D...its the military there not geniuses at fighting wars. Look at vietnam, look at iraq and afghanistan. The military has been taken over by yes men, and preppy soldiers kings.