If U.S. is so confident about the economy...why we got so much gold reserves?

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  1. The US has just over 8,100 tonnes of gold reserves which is like 30% of the worlds reserves. So if the government is so sure about the economy, why we got so much gold?

    Another question...At what price would gold have to go to for us to get back on the gold standard. Would it have to go high enough that we could pay our deficit off? That would mean gold hitting about $43,000 per oz. Thats some serious hyperinflation there.
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    We are not going back to gold. In other news Geitner also reiterated we are not going back to wampum
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    It's being accumulated to fund Obama and Geithner's retirement/golden parachute.

    Not to worry though, I'm sure they will leave an IOU in it's place.

    (Geithner promises to report the income on his Turbo Tax)
  4. Maybe i can sell that IOU to the chinese.
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    how long has it been since it was audited?
    somebody may have MADEOFF with it!!!!
  6. It's kind of like the true Obama's birth record.... nobody is allowed to see. It's a closely guarded secret. Because if we knew the truth, we'd be really, REALLY pissed for being hoodwinked by our own government.
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    Because the government is smart enough to know the dollar is a worthless piece of paper.
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    That's funny! Bernie took it :D

  9. ***WOW.....JUST WOW......BREAKING NEWS!!!***

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