If trading's not leisure, why be a trader?

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  1. I am thinking lately the whole motivations of being a trader.

    If being a trading is about to be free, then why you have to be constrained, like slaves IMO, by so many timing, rules, disciplines, and habits? You have to sticks to the market hours. You have to watch the market tick by tick or at least minutes by minutes if you are lucky. You have to stay in front of computer for long hours out of a pit, or waving arms and fingers, watching up and down, left and right in a pit. You have to talk to various "friends' for sensitive information, useful or useless alike. You have to do the homework and craps all through deep night. You have to think or even pray when you are on the bed. You have to get up early. You have to watch the news every morning. You have to think or even pray before the market open. And then the whole miserable slavery continues the very next trading day. Weekend? Fine. Analysis. Statistics. News. Review. No free. No escape.

    Just a slave. D'at what the life is! D'at what you traders are!
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    lol ! so true :D
  3. I hate when people write stupid comments, but I have to on this one. You seem to be a very angry person. Trading sounds more like a heart ache to you than one of passion or respect. I'd advise you to give it up all together and move on to something else. If trading does not make you feel "fulfilled" then find something that does.
    As for myself, it's true that trading has lots of rules etc. But everything in life does. Laws of gravity, physics, chemistry etc. Everything is bound by something. But the freedom in trading is that no one has a ceiling, except for that which we impose. You make you own hours, trading location, trading style etc. To me this is freedom, with no boss and no customer to sell something to. Have a great day though.
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    Depends on what kind of trading you do. Certainly EOD traders can essentially make their own hours that fit their lifestyle. Furthermore, if you are willing to automate all or parts of your trading, that can free yourself up for other activities.
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    Trading is a job.

    As in every job you will perceive ups and downs. Every job will demand committment, certain rules, etc.
    You won't ever find a job that is only fun and believing that you will is simply stupid.
    However, trading will give you more freedom in certain aspects of your life but at the same time will restrict you in a lot of aspects.

    If you're not willing to go trough all of that better get a 0815 job.

    BTW: When it's neccessary for you to pray then better think about your money management and risk taken in your trades.
  6. and not only your financial ones.

    You have to look at your skills and all of your goals
    and find the best fit. For many of us it's trading.
    For others it's corporate -- for others it's starting a
    biz -- for others it's flipping burgers.

    If you are surprised that a job offering freedom
    requires work than you are looking at things from
    the wrong perspective. Ask yourself what you
    are free from as a trader --- you are looking at
    it the other way around... what am I *not* free
    from as a trader.

  7. I want to be a trader

    I like, how being a trader, sounds

    I enjoy the work

    I want to be around other traders.

    I feel free............. :)

    Michael B.
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    my god...if you put it that way then i don't think anyone would want to trade.....this is certainly not MY reality; i'm bored most of the time .... maybe you have some misconceptions about making money as a trader? well, good luck anyways....

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    15 reesuns i wanna bee a tradre bekause:

    1. I wanna hav muney.
    2. I wanna got gurls all the tyme.
    3. I wanna luk guud for my Mamma.
    4. I wanna big skreen TV.
    5. I wanna gets muney from they.
    7. I wanna stays home.
    9. I dun't wanna hav to wurk.
    10. I wan peoples to ass me "how yu do dat?"
    12. I wanna feels the powers.
    16. I wanna bee free on weakunds.
    15. I wan peoples too sees how smaart I is.
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    I have done pretty exciting things in my life. I was developing telemetric systems for satellites and orbit stations, I was building robots for military applications, I created first AI based lighting system, I was involved in biomedical, optoelectronic and cybernetic projects all my life. Now I'm just a trader and I have the best time of my life! You know why? Because there is no bullshit in trading. If you are good, smart, strong, creative and determined individual there is no better way to prove it to your self! You don't have to go far to verify your ideas. The market will tell you whether you right or wrong immediately. There is no limits in what you can do and everything you need is right in front of you! Its you and the money! There is no staff, inventory, sales and marketing, project managers and all of this bullshit you have to go through to run any other business! This is the ultimate game that has unlimited amount of winning strategies. Create, experiment, suffer, celebrate, LIVE! I'm old, but I'm young again because of trading! I love it!
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