If this spreads....

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  1. Iraq, Syria, whom next?

    If this thing spreads, how many short positions can one take on?
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  3. The question is will the mkts become dull to "everyday" terrorist events. Does the mkt tank everytime some idiot in the middle east straps a bomb to themselves and walks into a nightclub?


    The market is already numb to the Middle East terror bullshit...it's when those assholes start suicide bombing the rest of the world "In the name of Allah" that the markets tank.
  5. There is no way we are going into Syria now ...
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  7. what about greg davis?
  8. Nope, while I won't say that U.S. will not attack Syria, I will say that it will not happen anytime soon.

    It doesn't make sense to go after Syria or any other country in the middle east at this time.

    If Iraq and Afganistan can become successful, workable, countries that will grow and prosper, without dictaorship, under some form of democratic government then some of the other countries in the region will probably begin to shift towards a more democratic forum. (probably will take years - if it can even be done) Hopefully it can be done.

    I'm thinking that that's a great fear of the leaders of some of these other countries - including Syria. These leaders are afraid that they will lose their grip over there own people. It will take some time, but Syria may very well have a regime change (or just a change for better) without any influence other than from their own people wanting what Iraq and Afghanistan develop. (hopefully they can develop and prosper into much better than they are right now)

    Yea, I know, this is probably an idealistic, unrealistic view. But hey, anything can happen. Much work yet to be done. Hopefully good people will work together in these countries to better themselves. Whether they can or not remains to be seen.

    It didn't seem that Afghanistan was making much progress under the rule of the Taliban, and it doesn't seem that Iraq was making much progress under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

    At least now they have a shot at it !!! Before coalition involvement they were being killed for even mentioning what they desired, if their desires were different from what their rulers wanted to hear.

    Israel will probably have to make some changes as well.

    Maybe then, Freedom will Spread. Maybe then the world economy can strengthen a little. Maybe we can go long.

    If not, then oh well. I wouldn't recommend to any of these countries that hijacking american airliners and using them as bombs against the U.S.A. is a smart thing to do.

    Saudi Arabia should be watched carefully as much or more than Syria. After all, wasn't it something like 15 of the 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia.
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    It's a bull item.
  10. meteoxx,

    Maybe not go to war against Syria like we did in Iraq, BUT a surgical strike into the hotel, go in take the bad guys fly out within 30 minutes. Been done before... at least in Rambo movies
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