If this rally fails...

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  1. ...then what?

    Let me clarify my question. This rally will fail. I think most of us have set up to fade it.

    But if it fails today, and we end up close to even or even @ a loss, hasn't the fed just shot another was, in an increasingly diminishing arsenal, for no good effect?

    Isn't the fed really playing with fire here by concocting these harebrained schemes, such as expanding the type of collateralized debt it accepts (and a whopping 200bn at that - woohoo) and risking that they ultimately fail to give the market any support, thus decimating what little credibility they have?

    And wouldn't Milton Friedman be turning in his grave right now?
  2. Bernanke is Wall Street's cocksucker. He will do whatever the banks or Cramer want him to do. He has no backbone or monetary discipline. If this rally fails, we'll have a $500 billion auction facility and they will accept any rated debt probably at that point. If that doesn't work, $1 trillion auction facility. If not $2 trillion. It doesn't matter to them, they can print Treasuries out of thin air. Hello hyperinflation.
  3. Interstingly, the dollar rallied and crude oil is down today!

  4. Anybody who is trading doesn't care if this rally (or any subsequent) fizzles or not. Just trade accordingly, manage your risk and you'll be fine.
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    Dont know if the rally will fail but trying anything and everything to increase liquidity is getting a little played out, without liquidity these markets have no substance....I would be selling this rally.
  6. That's asinine. Anybody who is NOT trading doesn't care. Obviously if you are long or short today, you care if the rally fizzles or not.
  7. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  8. Oh sorry, we've got deflation problems, I see that oil is at $107, gold is almost $1000, Fed is pumping money up banker's asses, and yeah, deflation is our big worry. Ok McFly.
  9. A rally up to support now turned resistance thats all I see today.
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  10. Why does this matter to you?
    You have already admitted last year here that you ARE NOT A TRADER.
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