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    it may be the top invention of the century, and a revolution for our civilization.

    Imagine, no more oil dependence, forget the oil companies and their puppet politicians, no more excuses for war, no more OPEC Iraq, Saudi dependencies.

    Clean for the environment, and cheap! Only few ounces of water a day for a house.

    The gCell Process
    The gCell is the fundamental component to the technology where three processes occur simultaneously. In the first of these processes, water is passed over catalytic reactants to produce an electrical voltage that excites the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. At the same time, a thermo, electro-catalytic reaction creates an effect similar to that of magnets with opposing polarities, separating the molecules into pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. In the third process, some of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules are reattached to generate additional electrical current that subsidizes the gas generation process - thus making the process self-sustaining. Since water is recovered and reused in the reattachment, gCells require only a few ounces of water per day.

    A single gCell stack, which is no bigger than a car battery, is capable of producing hundreds of cubic feet of customer usable gas per day. By comparison, the average American home in cold climate areas consumes approximately five cubic feet of gas per day.

    The eCell Process
    The eCell generates electricity and is one tool used in the conversion of hydrogen and oxygen contained in water into a consumer usable form of energy. The hydrogen and oxygen gases created in the gCells are used by eCells in a reverse reactant process that attracts the molecules much like magnets pulling themselves together. The resultant remarrying of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules produces, in a single eCell stack, more than 1,000 amps of electricity.

    A licensing priority will be given to the governments of qualifying nations first, who may then choose to manufacture, distribute, sell and service the devices themselves, or may elect to sublicense the rights to private companies within their country. Private companies will be permitted to license the rights to manufacture, distribute and sell the devices independently, in the event their government has elected not to license the technology themselves.


    The Q&A section is very interesting,


    Is this true? we should find out soon.

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    Josh, that is rather incredible. I don't know what to say.
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    I have to do some research, but there are some small companies and large companies that one can invest in that are working on that particular project.
    It is facinating because it is an engine that produces no pollution.
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    ...fuel cell uses oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity. The oxygen required for a fuel cell comes from the air. In fact, in the PEM fuel cell, ordinary air is pumped into the cathode. The hydrogen is not so readily available, however. Hydrogen has some limitations that make it impractical for use in most applications. For instance, you don't have a hydrogen pipeline coming to your house, and you can't pull up to a hydrogen pump at your local gas station....


    some other versions use propane or methanol

    in addition the efficiently is relatively low with hybrid powerplant versions. Also there are weight issues and availability/replenishing of rare metal material and not to forget high cost.


    The incredible part is that the new new system uses plain water as the source and not hydrogen. Ease of use and maintainable and low cost are a huge plus.

    ....The Edison Device
    The first application of this technology is represented in the "Edison Device," a self-contained, self-sustaining energy generation unit. Roughly the size of an outdoor air conditioning system, the power source can be quickly and easily installed in any home or business to provide virtually unlimited energy from any available water source. The Edison Device utilizes the existing electrical wiring and natural gas plumbing in a home or business to replace the energy provided by utility companies. The home version of the Edison Device produces approximately 30 kilowatts of combined gas and electrical energy per day. By comparison, the typical home uses between five to six kilowatts per day. The commercial model is capable of producing 100 kilowatts of energy per day. The energy generation portion of the devices has no moving parts. In fact, the only "mechanical" aspects of the equipment are small circulation pumps and micro-valves, making the Edison Device both silent and virtually maintenance-free. A minimum amount of water is used over an estimated 20+ years of service life....

    ...Q: What is the anticipated cost of the Edison Device and what is the life expectancy of the unit?
    A: Due to the relative simplicity of the Edison Device, Genesis World Energy believes that it should be possible for manufacturers to offer them to consumers for roughly $3,000 for the residential model, and $9,000 for the commercial model. While retail cost decisions will ultimately be left to free market forces, World Energy Management will exercise some control over end-use costs through its licensing guidelines....

    If all this works out and makes it to the world it will be truly incredible. But we must keep in mind that Oil/Fossil fuel industries and the special interest groups behind them will be threatened to the extreme! Wouldn't you if you where in their position? Trillions and Trillions of dollars at stake. and we all know what money can buy...

    However; the benefits to our human civilization as a whole, and to preservation of our own habitat are also extreme.

    I just hope it works as claimed and becomes available to the world.

  8. Oil is the #1 problem with our world right now. The oil companies have been buying out companies with new promising technology and trashing them.
  9. This site has some of the largest collection of scientific BS I've seen ever.

    It's fake.
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    translation: "we have invented perpetuum mobile".

    translation: "we don't know jack ass about electric units, but 'amps' sounded kinda cool".

    total hoax.

    - jaan
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