If this is true, then the ball game is about to begin

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  1. IRANIAN forces are being choppered over the Iraqi border to bomb Our Boys, intelligence chiefs say.

    Military experts claim this worrying move means we are at WAR with Iran in all but name."

    DRUDGE REPORT_______________________________________

    If the Geo-politcal heat kicks up, with the most recent news on Bear Stearns, and rumors that the Feds want to cut rates due to the Sub Prime situation, will we get a solid reversal?

    Could this market still climb a wall of worry when the 3 carrier fleets off the coast of IRAN bomb her, and oil shoots to 100 for even a brief moment (a few months).?
  2. the first few days, if the war does commence, will be down for the market but then it will be succeeded by a powerful bullish run. The war spending will prop shares up.. at least from what I've seen in the past.
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    You're reading... the Drudge Report
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    I'm pretty skeptical so far, but here's another story:

  5. Kind of reminds one of how the krauts started the big one. They dressed up in Polish Army uniforms and attaked their own radio station. The response the famous "Blitzkreig" which took a couple of hours. The suddenly occupied poles woke up the next morning and said "wha happened???"

    LOL, Iranian bordercrossers my ass. Bush doesn't have alot of time left, the invasion will begin soon after we create a smoking gun reason to hit em hard.

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  6. you beat me to it.
  7. So you honestly doubt that Iran is sending weapons and munitions to Iraq, is training insurgents and would cross the border? What about those British sailors? Did Bush somehow stage that as well?

    The fact is they see how incompetent our military leaders are, how weak our politicians are, how weak the Brits were and they think they can do whatever they want. If we had hit them hard, the first time we caught them meddling in Iraq, this could have been avoided.
  8. OMG.. will you ever get a clue? hell yes that was staged... my god man WAKE UP!! they want another illegal war so bad they can taste it. Bush is a criminal... they are all criminals.
  9. So that's why the British sailors didn't fight back? Because it was an elaborate ruse? Damn that Bush and KKKarl Rove and their Dr. Evil schemes.
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    I will take over the Iraqi oil fields and charge exxon and BP - one millllllioooonn dollars.
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