If This Is True, All Black People Are Racists

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    Jamie Foxx has revealed that he finds himself facing racial challenges in everyday situations of his life.

    The African American actor explained during an interview with Vibe magazine that he is always sensitive about his skin color.

    Jamie, 45, admitted that 'Every single thing in my life is built around race'

    He told Vibe magazine: 'Cause as black folks we're always sensitive. As a black person it's always racial.

    'I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese.

    'I'll be like, ain't this a b***h. Y'all didn't know black people was coming.'

    In the same vein he explained that if he turned up to the photo shoot and there was fried chicken and watermelon, he would also be annoyed at the stereotype.

    Jamie also admitted that he feels that he must act and talk in a certain way around white people and in his day-to-day job as an actor.

    He told the magazine: 'But the minute I leave my house, I gotta put my other jacket on and say, 'Hey, Thomas, Julian and Greg.' And I gotta be a certain person.

    'But when I get home my other homies are like how was your day? Well, I only had to be white for at least eight hours today, [or] I only had to be white for four hours.'

  2. Jamie also admitted that he feels that he must act and talk in a certain way around white people and in his day-to-day job as an actor.

    Black people have to act a certain way around other black people. So let's not just say it's a white thing.

    My guess is there are a whole lot more black people who have to drop the educated mannerisms, dress nice, be civil act when they get back to the ghetto or they are going to be called an uncle Tom.
  3. Wow, that was so moving for me. I feel so sorry for a rich hollywood star. He has to behave like a civilized human being for a few hours day. That has to be such a burden on him. All just to appeal to the majority of the country and make millions from idiotic movies. And they claim slavery is over.
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    I have said that several times, that is what I have observed about black people.

    Here's the rub, even by just stating that reality, all the white liberals and blacks will hate me for it. Out come the names, NAZI, etc.

    so... we can't ever honestly even state the reality unless your a black liberal, therefore there will never be anything like healthy race relations. I don't know about you but I'm never going to grab my ankles for these horses asses
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    Several posts went missing overnight. RCG can run around calling people racial epithets but apparently Tsing Tao is not allowed to make a simple observation about race and national politics.

    Lame. The Political Correctness Tour has arrived at P&R.
  6. Sad to see that people seem to think institutionalized racial privilege awarded to one group is a detrimental thing.

    As it saturates society as a whole, it turns rancid regardless of the rationalizations to excuse it.
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    I think this statement by Foxx is worthy of deep reflection. It points to a very deep seated problem that isn't visible on the surface and will hold improved race relations at bay. It wil keep them from advancing beyond what we have seen up until today. It says the integration of the races to a hight degree may well be impossible.
  8. You may be right. I once heard Chris Rock say that no matter how much money he made, some people would always think him just another nigger. Apparently Foxx feels the same way about himself. He has imprisioned himself into this everything is about race mindset to such a degree that he cannot escape it even when/where it doesn't exist.
  9. The joke is on foxx, no matter how rich he gets , in his own mind he's just a poor broke "figger".

    It's kinda sad but white guilt isn't my forte so fvck'em.

    Let him wallow in his misery.
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    He doesn't want to be called a "cornball brother".
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