If this is the 99%, I rather be dead...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by short&naked, Oct 16, 2011.

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    <b>If this is what is leading the parade, then the 1% has already won 1000 times over.</b>
  2. Eight


    eventually the 1% will live in guarded places and won't be able to trust the help they hire... it still will be better than being a 99'er :)

    I can crank out some good poetry all day every day, maybe the wealthy should give me a stipend [without an inflation clause it would be useless pretty soon though]...

    The commentator says that the corporate rate is so high... Corporations don't pay that much when it's all said and done, for sure, it's quite possible to donate enough to politicians so that the net transfer of monies between an entity and the Public Sector is income to the entity [I plan to make that my hobby at some point, like people that used to get hundreds of credit cards for their dog or 9 year old kid or something].

    I remember when the Bitchy Left Hate Bush Morons [BLHBM's] were whining all day about Haliburton and their connections to the WH.. Haliburton moved to Dubai without all that much fanfare.. sort of a "see 'ya, don't wanna be 'ya" thingy at the worldclass economic level... makes me chuckle to think about it..

    I'm going to make my sign say "SWINE". When the commentator asks what that's about I'll explain that all the people around me are Students Wildly Indignant 'bout Nearly Everything...
  3. "Throw me a bone pay my tuition".

    I'd ask him, how much is it, what's your major, your gpa, how many courses do you have left to take.

    Then, no matter what the answers, just say,

    "pffftttt quit ...." "Sorry your position is filled.."

    Laugh and say "Who told you to do that?"

    Look at the bright side though. When he is all done paying for college he can start saving to pay tuition for his kids.

    Grab your crotch and say "I got your tuition right here."