if this guy made 7 million...

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  2. yup ... take a look at auntie there in the corner .... "trading from spare bedroom" ... classic, anyone can do this stuff, just by the books !!!
  3. <img src=http://www.trendfund.com/images/hdr.jpg>

    he's one of the Market Wizards.

    no wait!! he SAYS he's a "market wizard." ah, that's different.

    and he has a fund.

    no wait!!! his website says "fund."

    he's a trend trader, Turtle Trader...?

    no, no wait!! It's just his url address that says "trend" in the title!


    this guy's difinitely on a roll.

    the mouth jpg says it all.
  4. waxie is a survivor from the bubble days. i took his room trial a few times back in the 90s. he was funny. he would load up on some pos little stock and start hyping it and at the same time he would say "if you run this stock up im selling it to you". of course they would run it up and he banked.
    at one time i counted over 200 in his room at 400 a pop. you do the math.
  5. He says he made $7M, but what does that mean?

    We all think that it means his net profits were $7M, but what if it just means his winning positions totaled $7M? He just mentions what he made, he doesn't mention what he lost, and so without proof and a reliable audit, he's suspect.

    Why put all that time and effort into selling when you can "master" the market?