If there is no inflation, why is gold/silver expected to rise 10% by next year?

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  1. Gold is supposed to be a hedge against inflation. There isnt supposed to be inflation right now. If thats true, why does GS expect gold to go up 10%? Seems like if you were expecting 10% inflation, you would expect a 10% gain in gold and silver.

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    You might want to go back and check what GS was saying about where crude was going when it was at it's all-time top...
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    peil spends 90% of his waking hours looking for proof and waiting for massive inflation.

    Inflation hasn't hit yet, and likely won't this year.
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    People on ET are composed of largely ignorant and naive

    Small portion are shills some are paid to shill and small portion are The Real Deals

    Gold is long term going up to 1500 you can bet on it for very simple reason.

    I'll make it bold so that you can read it easier.

    Do you see anywhere another Bill Gates and another computer like invention.

    Do you see anywhere real alternatives being "unlocked and released" to usher new energy economy

    Do you see ANYTHING on this planet that will usher the new bull economy and job market.

    Something that will get DOW Jones to 30-50 000.

    So what do you have left. You my naive CNN fed friend have left only stagnation and money printing for the next 15-20 years.

    You will not make money on gold when it goes to 1500, you will save what you have when it goes to 1500.

    Is that clear enough.
  5. 1) Bullish forecasts are more "palatable" than bearish forecasts. :cool:
    2) They are also probably "talking up" their own proprietary position in the market too. :( :D :eek:
  6. gold is only as good as the next sucker buyer.

    1000's of years later and the best we can do as a store of value is the same old garbage the Queen of the Nile lusted over.

    Real progress.
  7. +5. Do anyone of you believe what Golden Slacks of all ppl say. Ignorant. The best advice I heard is if their telling you to buy its because they have something to sell.
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    It's very possible that biotech will have a massive boom over the next decade or two.

    Also there is a lot of progress being made in robotics, though I'm not visionary enough to see how that would play out.
  9. I have no idea where gold and silver is going however i do have my opinions. i just trade'em. take it day by day. i let the charts tell me what to do.
  10. Or about 80% of the currency pairs in the world in the last 3 months.
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