If The U.S. Is Printing Massive Amounts of Money...

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  1. ...yet banks and financial institutions are hoarding cash...

    ...and individuals fortunate enough to be liquid are hoarding the 'older' cash that they have saved...

    ...what is the end result in terms of inflation or deflation or stagflation, why, and when?

    Increased money supply + reduced consumption + reduced circulation of money between consumers and businesses and b2b = ?
  2. Increased money supply will lead to increased consumption. There is no compelling evidence the US and global consumer is slowing down.
  3. Any overproduction of currency results in inflation. Whenever something of precious value becomes more numerous, the value declines since each one is worth less than when it was more scarce. Supply and demand.

    Fords, gold, currency or macadamia nuts, same result.
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  6. was that intended to be a joke? 3p1c f41L
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    That's Germany post WWI. Everyone was scared to spend yet money was being printed hand over fist. When the gates busted loose, it was hyperinflation.
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  9. Aha!

    Good answer. But how do I or we know that this will be the outcome 'this time?'

    A serious question.

  10. Um but globally inflation is falling. In a deflationary situation the fed's job is to print money.
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