If the speed of light is broken, information time travel is now possible

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    Forget about "back to the future" time travel for a second. Its not happening anytime soon. Information time travel however maybe possible shortly.
    According to CERN scientists, neutrinos can travel a hugely significant 20 part per million faster than light!!!
    This could have profound implications for everything including trading.
    This means theoretically a quote machine utilizing faster than light neutrinos would be able to see price quotes of the future before they happen. Albeit not far into the future, but into the future nonetheless and potentially enough to give a HFT machine an advantage. But besides trading, this discovery may have all kinds of applications both beneficial and detrimental to society. That is where the real story lines. Greatest scientific discovery EVER if true? Discuss.
  2. Maybe it's stupid but I always asked myself say I get 10 seconds in 2020 behind a computer screen.

    What would i search? Where the DOW is? Where gold is? Oil? The USD?

    And say I see where the DOW is in 2020...

    It's at 20K.

    That's awesome right. Just buy stocks today and they will all go up.

    But then...Maybe the DOW was still at 2K in 2015...... 80% down from today....

    It's a very interesting topic that's for sure. :D
  3. if the speed exceeded light by enough to allow people to look into the future \ be in the past -it would cause contradictions that can not be solved. how the problem is avoided given new scientific discoveries is the intrigue but true time travel is not impossible because of science but rather logic it self.
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    there is no space and there is no time,

    if there is no time then just live in the present

    this world is the manifestation of our thoughts

    thus our thoughts of present are the only reality