If The Russians invaded the US to free the blacks would they be

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Would the russians be viewed as liberators

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  1. If the russians invaded the US in the 1960's to free the blacks from segragation and terriosm caused by KKK and the racists in the south, wouldnt they be treated as liberators. Its the same reasoning that bush used to invade iraq. Free iraq from a dictator. Blacks were treated even more harshly in the south, with daily threats of lynchings and arrest. So by bush's and the republicans reasoning, in that scenerio the americans would be welcoming the reds are liberators.
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    Yo Mahram---

    We all know that was wrong. We're all way past all that. Why don't you go somewhere else to spew your anti-United States BULLSHIT?
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  5. It depends if they seized the Oil fields and created an Abu Gahrib.
  6. LOL! The madness continues. Had the Soviet Union invaded during the 60's to free the blacks I would imagine the blacks would have fought very hard to stay free in America. Do you whack jobs ever think about what you're posting?
  7. There is no parallel here as you might like to believe. In Iraq you had a government sanctioning the killing of minority groups like the Kurds. The federal government in the USA did not support the actions of the KKK. Now if the federal government did nothing to step in and work to stop these people, then you may have an argument. However this was not the case. Unless you believe the JFK did absolutely nothing while he was President.

    Hopefully with Hockey season starting, you'll have less time to post and completely embarass yourself.
  8. ummmm yeah if you were white drmakan, nothing was wrong. And everything was leave it to beaver. The united states was as worse or worser, then iraq for most african americans. And yes it was government sanctioned. Segragation, lynching, beating of blacks, was all sanctioned. In fact, during that time if you were black and you looked at a white woman wrong, you would be killed. No questions.

  9. point exactly captain. So if blacks would fight an invading army, why shouldnt the iraqi fight americans. Why do you still call them terriosts. They are freedom fighters.

  10. Iraqi's are killing each other. I doubt blacks would have killed each other to protect themselves from the invaders. That would seem more than a little counter productive as is being demonstrated in Iraq. The Iraqi's themselves hold their own destiney. We ain't the enemy! They are their own worst enemies.
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