If the rest of the world could vote....

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  1. 23 October 2012 Last updated at 00:21
    BBC poll: Rest of world favours Obama

    A BBC World Service opinion poll has found sharply higher overseas approval ratings for US President Barack Obama than Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

    France was the most strongly pro-Obama (72%).

    An average of 50% favoured Mr Obama, with 9% for Mr Romney, in the survey of 21,797 people in 21 countries.

    The survey was conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA between 3 July and 3 September.

    <img src='http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/63592000/gif/_63592042_worldservicepoll_464_obama_embargoed23102012.gif'>
    France. LOL.
  2. wjk


    Good thing they can't vote, but according to recent reports they can make illegal donations to a certain party.
  3. pspr


    The rest of the wold can have him. Of course, if they were voting for him to be in charge of their countries, their votes would probably be much different.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The rest of the world is happy with US decline and would like to see it continue.