If the president ordered you to round up Muslim Americans would you obey the orders?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, May 13, 2006.

Would you follow orders to put Muslim Americans into Detention camps

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  1. Im just wondering, if things go really bad in america, suddenly there is suicide bombings like isreali, and the president of the united states orders detention camps for all muslims to protect americans, would you follow his orders? And mind you america, justified putting japanese americans into concentration camps, so its not science fiction that president bush would order an order to put muslims into detention camps.
  2. According to Stanley Milgram approx. 70% of us would. As a matter of fact 70 % of us would probably work in concentration camps that put people to death. THis is well documented in "Obedience to Authority" by Milgram
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    If we have the technological intel of the 1940s, then the answer is yes.
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    I don’t agree with that. Most people want their enemies to lose their ability to conspire against them. Making them incapable of conspiring is one thing. Putting them all to death is something else, and something most people believe is unnecessary.
  5. That will never happen, at least not under this administration.

    A Dem a la FDR, well, you never know...
  6. Mahram:

    There seems to be a common thread running through your posts.

    You seem intent on getting people interested in scenarios where American citizens are in conflict.

    The impression I get is that you enjoy it.

    I am pretty certain that many of us would volunteer to "round you up", if and when that time comes.

    Now if we could go one step further and have public executions I think we would be close to a viable solution to our problem.

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    Milgram's experiment doesn't really apply. There are important differences between that lab situation and the question being posed. In Milgram's set up, the scientists had complete dominance and authority. The government does not. (for most people).
    In later social obedience experiments it has also been found that knowledge of even one other person dissenting from authority drastically reduces the effect.
  8. most american citizens ARE in conflict. as a matter of fact, it has been a very clear policy of this admin to divide people between those who do not support their offences on the whole world (unpatriotic) and the rest of the idiots who blindly support them because, as pritny spears put it, we are supposed to follow and trust the president.
    in addition, you guys have precedence of rounding up and ghetto(izing) people. you did it to my people (mexicans), japanese and blacks.
    as a matter of fact, the only people who did the rounding but never been rounded were whites. i say its high time for whites to drink from the same cup.
  9. Mexicans, Japanese, and Blacks have never rounded up people (often their own) and "ghettoized" them?

  10. bolshevik revolution.
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