If the Marines are indicted should they be sent the Hague for War crimes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, May 28, 2006.

Should the marines be sent to the hague for war crimes?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. ahhhhhh...i really do not know how our neocon klansmen will answer this one.

    the only thing they might come back with is that the u.s. is not a signatory to the international war crime tribunal.
    if they give such an excuse then they lose all credibility for demanding molosivich's trial even though he and his state were not signatories of such tribunal.
    notice how i did not mention saddam due to the fact that uncle sam became smarter and created a local kangaroo court to try him.
    thank god i am not a hypocrite piece of shieeeeeeeeeet.
  2. The enemy should be exterminated. Have a nice day. :D
  3. lol so your saying it was ok to shoot little girls in their pajamas in their head?

  4. tomhaden


  5. tom how am I a pedaphile? :D

  6. Exterminate: to get rid of by destroying completely. I'm saying they should be wiped off the map. This problem is never going away and we need to deal with these vermin quickly and harshly as our very existence on this planet is being threatened. So the short answer to you question is absolutely yes. For every American killed we should kill 1,000 of them.
  7. Didnt u say u were taking ur gf to her prom...u figure it out.
  8. why is it that we only see terminators fuck faces like this one on the internet? how come i've never encountered a fagot like this one outside of the internet domain before?
    could the fact that all of these internet rambos know that if they uttered such words in front of anyone aside from their fellow klansmen, that person will destroy his beautiful face??
  9. People like you live in never never land. For such a PC person you shouldn't throw the word "fagot" around. You probably think having Muslims in Europe is a great idea and the more the illegals in the US the better. You've been brainwashed by Church and State and can't think for yourself. When someone says something you disagree with you regress to 3rd grade name calling.
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