If the left won... why are they such losers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jem, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. jem


    I just saw another thread putting down Romney.
    Its 30 days later.

    What the heck is wrong with the left.
    Didn't anyone ever teach you to be gracious winners.
    Its not only sporting to be gracious, its wise.

    Being dickheads in victory... is sure to organize and motivate your opposition.
  2. pspr


    In the back of their minds they know that Obama is trying to collapse America and they feel the need to continually strike out because of their mistake in supporting him. They know it is going to get really ugly here soon.
  3. Really? One month into Obama's second term and 100 million Americans are suddenly going to see things your way.

    Life in dreamworld. Tell us more.
  4. Yes.......................he's trying to collapse America.

    Ignorant, irrational, delusional. Typical righty.
  5. The work is not finished , Jem.
    We're proud to welcome with open arms Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist into the Democratic Party, in his own words,

    ''Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of the President'' . :) .
  6. exGOPer


    This is from the idiot who got the elections completely wrong and now here he is spewing more horseshit.

  7. Maybe the left are sore winners because their "nobody" beat a "somebody".

    I can't recall any "sore winner" articles when Obama won his first term. I can't recall any "sore winner" articles when Bush won. Must be a new phenomenon.

    Can't blame the posters on here for starting these threads. They are pinheads blindly following the party line and parroting the media.

    Getting back to Obama. he is a product of "everybody gets a trophy." The sore winners are the gloating parents.

    We call Obama out for what he is, (zero qualification, narcissitic) and point out his flaws is tantamout to calling a retard a retard.

    The sore winners gather in force to show us that Obama can't be a retard because he got a Nobel Prize, and rules allowed to call himself a law "professor" etc.

    We've lowered our expectations on what qualifies (poor behaviour, lack of sportsmanship,etc) for a president and the left gloats about the great victory.

    Typical of our current "self esteem' is the end all culture.
  8. Ricter


    Let it be a lesson to you, about being so cocksure of things. We listened to a year of your insistent, deliberately obtuse nonsense.
  9. The truth is most hardcore leftists never won anything. They never played sports. Never tasted the thrill of beating your opponent.
    Most of them live sad pathetic lives in low paying jobs or live on the governments tit.

    This is the closest they will ever come to winning anything, so they gloat about it.
  10. We've had some great "uniting" projects in this country over the years. The civilian conservation corps did some great work we still enjoy to this day. We built the interstate road system, the space race, etc.

    The only great project we got going is "green" energy. A half hearted attempt which basically amounts to global warming, cap and trade and not so serious attempts like solyandra (chinese do it better).

    Our great project in this century is "welfare".
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