If the Fed eases, the US Dollar will....

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If the Fed cuts rates by year's end, the US Dollar will end 2008

  1. The US Dollar will be much lower (down 10+%)

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  2. The US Dollar will be range bound

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  3. The US Dollar will be much higher (up 10+%)

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  1. What will happen, over the next 12 months, to the US Dollar Index (DX) if the Fed cuts 50BP in the next 90 days.
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    If the Fed eases, the US Dollar will....

    stay green
  3. fed ease or not, the dollar will collapse before the end of the decade. easing will just exacerbate the process. funny money. look around, let's play monopoly.

  4. Range-bound. The twin deficits are improving, which will provide support. The collapse of the dollar trade is too obvious. Everyone expects it, just like last weekend this place was horribly bearish, so of course we went up.
    The euro, on the other hand, may surprise...
  5. another choice -

    tend to drop.

    Depends on what the other central banks do. Maybe they want to keep the $ up for while. Ultimately the economics will control tho.
  6. Some good points...
    Anyone else?
  7. As long as its an inflationary run economy the dollar will drop. Market up, dollar down. Why wouldnt they do that until they couldnt anymore? The fed has shown that he'll pump money into the system without blinking. So much money thrown at this market. The dollar will keep going down to a level where it will bring inflation up to unacceptable levels. They'll do anything to keep the market up, and nothing to keep the dollar from dropping. This farce will continue until USD is worthless in my opinion. Been that way for years now.
  8. I may be mistaken but the CB I haven't heard of injecting luquidity was the BOE, seems very bullish for the pound.

    GBP/JPY...to test highs.
  9. The dollar will not collapse. The federal reserve's massive inflation policy allows the rest of the world's central banks to inflate along with. This allows the top bankers and their friends to continue cashing in on the hyperinflation of the world.
  10. Ya and that's why the dollar hasn't been dropping and isn't at all-time lows.
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